TAKFA History

On 2 July 2002, Iranian Government took an ambitious decision on “National Information and Communication Technology Agenda “(called TAKFA, the acronym in Farsi) around seven strategic axes:

  • Government
  • Education
  • Higher Education
  • Services
  • Commerce and Economy
  • Culture and Persian Language
  • ICT industry through SME empowerment

Regarding the Millennium Development Goals and the WSIS, Geneva, Decleration and Action Plan adopted by all members of the United Nations, our aim is to realize the prerequisites for an Information Society and a knowledge-based Economy in which ICT is an Enabler Technology. The main international challenges facing us are providing fair access to knowledge and information, leveraging ICT for good governance, respect for the local cultural and ethical standards of the society, and individual privacy. Through transforming the “digital divide” into a “digital opportunity”, TAKFA plan provided a national synergic environment for all ministries, organizations, and other bodies involved to set their goals for the above shared vision, to align ICT with their sectoral objectives, and to help empower NGOs and the private sector. In the next step of the TAKFA roadmap, international lessons learned were reviewed and scrutinized. In the “long-range social, economic, and cultural development plan of Iran” (2005-2009), by knowledge economy direction, ICT's have a majore role in realizing an “Enabling Environment” for sustainable development. The seven strategic plans in TAKFA included 110 major projects in specific fields defined and funded under the supervision of one ICT-champion as a project leader. The entire operation comes to more than 5000 sub-projects in different sectors and departments.

:.Report and Documents
Takfa English Paper.pdf
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TAKFA Iran's Road to Knowledge-based Development
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Tehran Declaration- En.pdf
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Tehran Declaration
Political chapeau.pdf
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Political Chapeau
National ICT Strategic Plan.pdf
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National ICT Strategic Plan
Takfa Agenda.ppt
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Islamic Republic of Iran’s National ICT Agenda TAKFA
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Iran’s National Information & Communication Technology Agenda “NICTA”
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A Look At Iranian IT Market
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TAKFA National Iranian ICT Agenda
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